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Luxurious - Minimalist - Exclusive - Modern - Classic - Etnic - Exclusive and Elegance as the Contribution to the Brand image, Selection of Finest Materials Make you feel Comfortable and Sophisticated -[Reflection your dreams in Asia Interior Halim]-




Asia Interior Halim is a Privately-owned Interior engaged in the interior Design, fabrication and build interior property and the construction of housing or cluster (Asia Halim Land) as commitment of our effort to grow up in the future with supply the occupancy house as well as the home interior, office interior, hotel interior and apartment.

We are a new company who will launch our wonderful interior brand Asia Interior Halim since 2013. We are looking for a team of ambitious young people who wants to create a great career path together and supplier or relation.

With hundreds of affiliated merchants and business partners and hundred members in the ecosystem, we will be the Largest Indonesian Interior in future. 

Currently we have hundreds team members and over half of them are in Interior putting us as one of the best Interior company that provides you.

Our hiring criteria is simple:
We only want A players who are looking to have a great career and want to achieve great things in life. We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to our Asia Interior Halim family!

The concept of our services is to give optimal service to our customers by delivering the best quality of materials and the best of result. (Konsep kami berupaya memberikan pelayanan terbaik bagi customer dengan selalu memberikan pelayanan dengan kualitas maerial pilihan dan hasil pekerjaan terbaik dan detail)

The concept of our design boutique is providing to our customers by choosing products they love and give the inspiration to our customers when they don't have any idea or description of their plans. (Konsep butik design memberikan kemudahan kepada para customer untuk memilih produk yang meraka sukai dan memberikan inspirasi kepada para customer ketika mereka belum memiliki ide atau gambaran rencana interior mereka)

Our company’s “Asia Interior Halim’’ which are field in property include:
# We Create Office Interior
# We Create Hotel Interior
# Create Home Interior
# Create Apartment Interior
# Create Minimalist/ tropics furniture

Our company’s promise to the team:
We create awesome products that customers love
We will push each person's abilities so that we all develop to our full potential
We will only hire awesome people such as yourself, so you will be surrounded by people 

Menjadi perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang property termasuk interior rumah, kantor, apartemen, hotel dan landed house.      
Being companies which are field in property include home interior, office interior, apartment interior, hotel interior and landed house.

Dengan konsep Asia untuk focus kepada customer di wilayah asia, khususnya Indonesia.
The concept of Asia to focus on our customers in the region of Asia, specially in Indonesia.
Customer adalah mitra kami sehingga terjalin relasi yang saling menguntungkan dan membutuhkan.
Customer is the counterpart of us so that interwoven relation which is mutually beneficial and need.                 
Kepuasan pelanggan adalah kepuasan kami (Customer satisfactionCustomer satisfaction is satisfaction of us.        
Bergerak dalam bidang interior property dan pembangunan perumahan atau cluster sebagai komitmen usaha kami untuk terus berkembang dimasa mendatang dengan menyediakan kebutuhan hunian sekaligus interior baik rumah ataupun kantor.      
Engaged in the interior of property and the construction of housing or cluster as commitment of our
effort to grow up in the future with supply the occupancy house as well as the home interior and office interior
Budaya dan atmosfer untuk mencapai tujuan perusahaan semua karyawan harus saling membantu, ramah, giat bekerja. Selain itu, ingin belajar untuk terus meningkatkan kemampuan agar mencapai peningkatan yang berkelanjutan  "continual improvement" sehingga akan memberikan keuntungan kepada karyawan, konsumen, perusahaan dan lingkungan.            

Culture and the atmosphere to achieve a purpose of company, all employees need to help each other, friendly, and hardworking. Furthermore, you can learn how to improve your skill to achieve a sustained increase "continual improvement" so that it would give advantages to employees, customer, company and environment.        
Mitra kami adalah penting dengan membangun hubungan yang saling menguntungkan satu sama lain untuk menghasilkan suatu nilai (Value).                
Our partner is important by building favorable relationships each other to produce a value.
Perusahaan kami dalam menjalankan bisnisnya memperhatikan lingkungan masyarakat, pendidikan dan alam untuk memberikan kontribusi kepada masyarakat.              
Our company in running the business concerns with the environment, education and nature to give the contribution to society.        
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